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Ollin Sacco society Ltd was registered on 14th June 1976. It had a membership of 163 on inception but the membership currently stands at 10,000.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A person interested in joining Ollin SACCO requires to fill the membership form, attach ID/passport copy and a passport size photo. There is no membership fee.

Yes, the SACCO is all inclusive hence the name 'All in'. The SACCO opened the common bond to include business community, farmers, civil servants, self help groups, companies amongst others.
The SACCO headquarters is at Kerugoya town and has 2 branches namely Mwea branch in Kirinyaga county and Kitengela branch in Kajiado county.
Ollin SACCO is a licensed to operate by SACCO regulatory authority, complies with the authority laws and regulations and it has also heavily invested in its members by giving out loans.
A new member needs to save for at least 3 months to be considered for a loan. But members who transfer their deposits from other SACCOs are treated as old members. Such a member after joining the SACCO is entitled for a loan immediately if he/she wishes.
Yes you can. You can use mobile banking platform and send money via paybill number 350050 account number 0054. Also you can use any of our bank to deposit the money.
For long term loans 2 weeks and short term loans are processed the same day one applies.
Guarantors, title deed or logbook of a vehicle. Title deed must be charged.
A member is required to give 60 days notice after which the deposits are refunded to his/her account.
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Ollin Sacco headquarters is located in Kerugoya town, Kirinyaga County and has a branch in Mwea Ngurubani Town, Kitengela town and the newest branch at Kiserian town.

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